The people of Dhore

It was the scorching heat of April (2013). People of Dhore village like every year being prepared for the New Year, new life, new hope! The entire village seemed excited for the celebration and one day on the eve, suddenly everything turned upside down. In just few hours, a massive fire caught this beautiful place to a land of ashes and debris. Women running with their children, men pulling out their herd, many injured, property damaged which were saved of each single coin, people shaded tears, panicked, screamed, yelled, cried, injured. But no use!

Sometime later, fire brigades from district headquarter reached the place and brought everything in control. Many rural places like this one live in a roughly built shed/hut, which is even more risky in hot wavy days. People of Dhore still cannot forget the day their lives were on the verge of death. 88 houses altogether caught fire.