With over 12 years of hands-on experience in television and radio production, I am a dynamic and versatile professional known for my meticulous approach and ability to excel under pressure. My expertise lies in operating a wide array of technical equipment essential for producing captivating 'live' and pre-recorded studio content. I have honed my skills in managing cameras, lighting, sound, vision and graphics systems, among other technical tools, ensuring seamless production workflows.

My commitment to precision and organization allows me to thrive within collaborative team environments, where effective communication and adaptability are paramount. I pride myself on my ability to contribute to the creation of engaging content while meeting the demands of a fast-paced industry.

Beyond my technical prowess, I am a passionate photographer driven by a profound desire to tell compelling stories. My photographic narratives center around the often-overlooked individuals whose everyday contributions form the intricate fabric of society. Through my lens, I capture the richness of culture, traditions, and the diverse beliefs that shape our world. Each photo story I craft is a testament to the profound significance hidden within seemingly routine moments.

My mission is to shed light on the narratives that often go unnoticed, bringing attention to the beauty and significance found within the everyday lives of people. By portraying these stories, I strive to create a deeper understanding and appreciation for the nuances of various cultures and traditions.

I am dedicated to continuously refining my craft, leveraging my technical expertise and storytelling abilities to make a meaningful impact in both the realms of media production and visual storytelling.

Manish is enlisted as “1001 pioneer youth of Nepal” Book Published by Lead International.