Days filled with bright dreams and
Eyes filled with whims;
Hands tougher, a heart so wise
From the sweat and pain I rise! I rise!

The urban landscape in Kathmandu, Nepal, bears witness to the relentless commitment of laborers, notably migrant workers from the Terai region, including the Dalit community. Despite receiving minimum wages, these laborers leave their Madhes homes to serve diverse demands, disrupting familial ties for work.

In my photographic series, I delve into their lives, capturing tales etched within the textures of their skin, revealing the journeys and struggles they endure. Witnessing individuals from my hometown, Birgunj, migrate to Kathmandu for family sustenance due to insufficient local wages ignited my reflections on their plight.

This migration isn't confined to laborers alone; it spans various professions within Nepal. Internal migration seeks better opportunities, while Nepali workers in the Gulf contribute significantly to the country's economy through remittances, supporting labor-intensive tasks. Through these narratives, I aim to highlight the resilience, sacrifices, and invaluable contributions of migrant laborers, emphasizing their pivotal role in shaping lives and fostering appreciation for their indispensable societal contributions.