Waste is beautiful

The memory I have of Bagmati River stretches back to my childhood. Revered as one of the holiest rivers for Hindus, its importance was also marked by its presence as a lifeline for many farmers and cattle living in the valley. But my memory was marred due to the abrupt degradation of the river waters due to poor waste management. From household waste to chemical wastes from factories, the water of Bagmati lost the magic it once used to hold.

Truly, Kathmandu might be one of the most beautiful cities in the world in terms of culture and architecture but due to the poor waste management skills of both the people and the government, the immediate area of the city has been a mess.

This led me to embarking on the journey of finding the head and tails on the issue of proper waste management. I started collecting the garbage on the streets and taking them back to my studio. Carefully, I isolated each item and photographed it in the same manner in which I would photograph any other commercial product. The pictures displayed today are of garbage items that were collected from various dumping spots located in Kathmandu.

They say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I recognized the value of trash and made it my treasure to present it in front of you. But will Kathmandu see the value in its garbage?