Waste is beautiful

My memories of the Bagmati River from childhood hold a sacred place in my heart, symbolizing vitality for farmers and a spiritual touchstone for Hindus. However, witnessing its rapid deterioration due to neglectful waste practices dampened those cherished recollections.

Despite Kathmandu's cultural richness and architectural beauty, its immediate surroundings suffer from inadequate waste management, marring its splendor.

Driven by this disheartening reality, I embarked on a quest to explore waste management intricacies. Collecting refuse scattered across streets, I meticulously sorted and photographed each item in my studio, presenting them akin to commercial products. The images displayed here depict discarded items gathered from Kathmandu's dumping sites.

An old saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." I discovered hidden value within waste, transforming it into my treasure. Yet, the pressing question lingers: Will Kathmandu recognize the intrinsic value concealed within its waste?